2019 Rules and Information


1.       RULES:  The following rules will be interpreted by the tournament director and/or committee and all decision are non-negotiable and final.  5 Fish Productions reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.

2.       ELIGIBILITY:  Participation is open to all members of the club.  This a team tournament format.

3.       ENTRY FEES:  There is a membership fee, to help cover costs of this trail, of $100.00 per man. Entry fee for each tournament will be $125 per team.  This is a 100% payback trail.  There will be a $20 side pot for big bass at each event.  The Championship entry fee will be $155 per team.  

4.       SCORING:  Five fish limit, 14 inch minimum measured on a golden rule in a relaxed manner with the mouth closed and tail lobes pressed together swept in any manner necessary to “hit the mark”.  Only large mouth, spotted and small mouth bass will be counted. Total weight per team will determine place.  Ties will be broken according to the following:  If there is a tie in total weight, tie will be broken by number of fish, if still tied, tie will be broken by big bass.  If still ties, it will go to a coin toss.  If there is a tie for big bass, tie will be broken by total weight, if still tied, by number of fish, and if still tied, by coin toss.

5.       SHORT FISH:  Any bass not within legal limits will result in a two (2) pound penalty deduction plus loss of said fish.

6.       DEAD FISH:  Any dead fish to be weighed is up to the discretion of tournament director.  There will be one (1) pound deduction for each weighed dead fish.  If a dead bass is weighed as a contestant’s big bass, one (1) pound will be deducted from the weight of said big bass.

7.       TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT:  Only artificial bait or lures and port style baits may be used.  No trolling or snagging is allowed.  All fish must be caught on a rod and reel with one line per angler in the water at a time.

8.       PERMITED FISHING LOCATION:  Fishing from boat only.  Contestant cannot leave boat to enter shallow areas or to retrieve a hooked fish.  Fishing is confined to water specified in the tournament.  No fishing within 50 yards of another contestant’s boat without permission of the first boat to arrive.  Encroachment upon another angler will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification.  No exceptions! Partners must remain in sight of each other during tournament hours.  In case of emergency, or mechanical failure, one or both contestants may return to weigh in by means of another competitors boat and must immediately notify the director.  Returning by another means than by water is prohibited without approval and direction from the tournament director.  Contact Brent Salt at (918) 693-2226.

9.       BOAT AND MOTOR REQUIREMENTS:  Allowed are any brand boats of sixteen (16) feet minimum length with working aerated live wells, kill switch and all other safety devices. 

10.   SAFETY AND SPORTSMANSHIP:  Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed at all times.  Life jackets and kill switches must be worn when boat is on plane.  Anglers must comply with all state regulations.

11.   PROTESTS:  Any protest must be in writing and filed with tournament director within 10 minutes of the conclusion of weigh in.

12.   NO ALCHOLOHIC BEVERAGES:  No alcoholic beverages in possession during tournament hours.

13.   DEAD WATER:  There is no dead water

14.   MORNING CHECK IN: Prior to fishing, each team must have their live well checked by a tournament official.

15.   TAKE OFF: Take off will be at safe light.  Teams will be directed out in numerical order.  As teams are announced they must wait to be recognized by the director and may depart only after the director acknowledges by waving them out.  Any boat taking off out of order will be disqualified.

16.   WEIGH IN:  Weigh in will begin at 3:00 PM or at time specified in meeting prior to tournament.  All teams must check in before designated time.  All fish must be brought to the scales in a bag with water.  Bags will be provided by the club, or you may use our own bag.  Any fish brought to the scales not in a bag or bag without water, will result in immediate disqualification.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

17.   LATE PENALTY:  One pound per minute up to 10 minutes will be deducted.  After 10 minutes, the contestants will be disqualified.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

18.   CULLING FISH:  No team may maintain more than six fish in the live well at any time.  Note, however, that it is a five fish limit.  If a contestant brings more than five fish to the scales, contestant will be disqualified.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

19.   PRE TOURMANET MEETING:  The pre-tournament meeting will take place at 7:00 PM the Wednesday night preceding the tournament.  Meeting location will be annouced at a later date.  During the meeting contestants will draw for take-off positions. Only teams that have paid entry in full will be included in the draw.  Entries will be accepted at the ramp, but there will be a $10.00 late fee in addition to the regular fee.  Take off positions of late entries will be determined by the order in which they are received.  The last late entry will be the call boat and will call out the take-off order. 

20.   ANGLERS OF THE YEAR:  Anglers of the year will be determined by the following:  The first place team at any given tournament will be awarded 100 points plus his total weight.  Second place will be awarded 99 points plus his total weight.  Third place will be awarded 98 points plus his total weight, etc.  If a team fails to weigh fish he will receive 5 points less than the last team to weigh a fish. Angler of the year this year will fish the next year entry fee free.  This year there will be one staff boat that does not pay an entry fee. In 2020 there will be 2 boats in the HOG that do not pay an entry fee (staff boat and AOY), however, all participants will pay a membership fee. 

21.   GUESTS:  Substitutions are permitted.  The guest/substitute MUST pay the annual membership fee, only specific tournament entry fee which they will be participating.  Guest/Substitute anglers will not be allowed in the championship unless guest/substitute angler pays membership fee and has fished prior event in the season.