Super Stixs 150 Tournament Rules 2019

 1.       Five Fish Productions directors and/or Rules Committee reserve the right to refuse any entry to anyone at any time. All decisions made by tournament director are non-negotiable and final

 2.       ELIGIBILITY: At least one member of each team must be 18 years of age. Under age contestants must have written consent. Each contestant must have a valid Oklahoma Fishing License or proof of exemption, and another form of identification as required by law, on their person.

 3.       FEES: Membership fees are $200.00 per boat. Tournament fees are $500.00 per boat for regular season events and $750.00 per boat for Championship event. $100 of each entry fee for each event will go to the Championship event. Each boat may consist of a 2-person team or 1 angler can fish alone, however, the full entry and membership must be paid along with their COMPLETED entry form. All contestants must read and sign a release waiver before participation in the Super Stix 150 event (no acceptations). Any participant can fish alone at the full entry fee. A $50.00 fee will be assessed on all returned checks. This trail will not be canceled due to lack of entries.

4.       SAFETY: Coast Guard approved life jackets, kill switch, and working bow and stern running lights are mandatory. Life jackets and kill switch must be worn when the boat is on pad/plane. Breaking any state or federal boating law may be cause for disqualification.

 5.      BOATS: Any safe boat is allowed. All boats must have working aerated live wells. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard and State regulations.

 6.       TACKLE: All bass must be caught using a rod with any reel attached in a legal, sporting manner. Only one rod/reel per contestant is allowed in use at any one time. No trolling, snagging, or live bait is allowed. Pork style baits and commercial scents are allowed. Dip-N-Dye is allowed. Dip nets are allowed. Alabama rig style baits are allowed.

 7.       SCORING: A maximum of five (5) bass per team may be weighed. Only largemouth/black bass, Kentucky/spotted bass or small-mouth bass are allowed. Any team bringing more than 5 fish to the weigh-in will have their catch disqualified. Once fish have been turned over to tournament officials, they become the property of the tournament and no fish may be added to the catch. Bass must measure a minimum of 14 inches or more on flat board (Pro Rule), mouth closed in any way to get tail to touch. Total stringer weight will determine winners and place of finish. A short fish is a 1 lb. penalty and loss of that fish. A one (1) lb. penalty per dead bass will be deducted from the total weight of the stringer. The Directors and/or Rules Committee reserve the right to refuse the weighing of any dead bass.

 8.       CULLING: No culling is allowed at the ramp area. No culling is allowed after checking in.

 9.   LATE PENALTY: One (1) pound per minute up to five (5) minutes will be deducted, then disqualification. No exceptions.

 10.   PERMITTED FISHING AREAS: Fishing is allowed from boat only and confined to waters specified in the tournament. Contestants must not depart the boat to fish or land fish. No fishing or casting within 25 yards of another contestant’s anchored boat, provided the anchored boat arrived first. Both contestants must remain in the boat at all times, except in the case of an emergency or dangerous situation. In such a situation, one or both contestants may be removed from their boat to another contestant’s boat, or rescue boat provided boat has means to keep fish separated from other contestants’ fish in an operating live well. Safety is always the first priority. The Tournament Director is to be notified immediately of any such problems. Emergency phone number is 918-693-2226.

 11.   OFF LIMITS: There is a restriction for time on water before all events. No anglers are allowed to be on the tournament waters for any reason for the five (5) days preceding the event. Tournament waters will go “OFF-LIMITS” at sundown the Sunday before the tournament. Sunrise Saturday morning will be official practice with Sunday being tournament day. Championship week the above rules apply, however Friday will be the official practice day with Saturday and Sunday being tournament days.  

 12.   RESTRICTING BASS: Restricting bass by any method which disallows its natural movement or travel throughout the entire impoundment is prohibited.

 13.   SEEDING BASS OR BAIT: Seeding bass captured from another impoundment or moved within the tournament waters is prohibited and is cause for disqualification. Seeding bait is also prohibited.

 14.   DEADWATER: Will vary by tournament location and will be announced on our website, our social media outlets prior to the event.

 15.   CHECK-IN: All entries will check in by water and will check in at the announced location prior to the event by their designated time or be assessed a late penalty.  There will be no trailering in this trail.

 17.   TAKE OFF: Boat numbers will be randomly selected by drawing for take- off times.

 18.   WEIGH-IN:. The weigh-in will begin at 3:00 pm unless changed by tournament director. Each team must check in prior to the weigh-in time at the pre-determined location for each event.  The check-in station will be open at 2:30 pm.

 19.   OFFICIAL TIME: The official timekeeper for the tournament is the Super Stix 150 Tournament  Director. Time will be kept from a cellular phone.

 20.   TIES: All ties shall be decided by the total number of fish, followed by Big Bass if one was weighed. All ties will be divided equally except for 1st Place.  Points will be awarded the same for all ties with the next team receiving a point total less the number of ties above them. Ex. 3 way tie for 4th place, Next team down will receive points for 7th place.

 21.   PROTESTS: Any protest must be presented in writing upon check-in.

 22.   WAIVER: All contestants must sign a Waiver Form releasing all tournament officials, contestants, hosts, and sponsors from any and all claims, injuries and/or damages incurred with Five Fish Productions events before participation will be allowed.

 23.   POLYGRAPH: By signing the Waiver Form, contestants agree to a polygraph test by a qualified examiner. Refusal to submit to a polygraph test will result in immediate disqualification. Failure of the polygraph test or refusal to submit to the polygraph test will result in forfeiture of all monies and the contestant(s) will be banned from future 5 Fish Productions events.

 24.   SPORTSMANSHIP: All contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules, or any state or local laws, or brings unfavorable publicity to the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified.

 25.   CHEATING: Anyone who has been convicted of cheating in any other tournament or is under investigation or legal proceedings concerning other tournaments or fishing contests is not eligible to fish the event.

 26.   RULES AND LAWS: It is the sole responsibility of each contestant to know and follow all applicable tournament rules and governmental laws and regulations. Such governmental laws and regulations include those enacted or promulgated by Federal, State, or local governments, and the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA). Regardless of your understanding concerning the law about running under bridges, the rule in this tournament is ALL BRIDGES ARE NO WAKE. Running under ANY bridge is grounds for disqualification

 27.   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs or illegal use of prescription drugs are not allowed during tournament hours and/or prior to taking polygraph.

 28.   PAYOUT DEFINITION. All payout checks will be issued only to the registered Designated Captain. Teams will be responsible for handling the division of payment concerning any tax liability.

 29.   DRAWINGS/PRIZES: Potential drawing winners will be selected in a random drawing from the aggregate of all qualified entries. By their entry, participants are agreeing to these rules and the decision of the Tournament Directors, which is final and binding in all respects. Potential drawing winners must be present to win. Noncompliance with the rules or aforementioned forms may result in disqualification of the winner at any time. WINNER AGREES TO ACCEPT PRIZE “AS IS” AND SPONSOR MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY KIND CONCERNING THE APPEARANCE, SAFETY OR PERFORMANCE OF ANY PRIZE. Odds of winning a drawing are determined by the number of qualified entries received. “Cash” prizes will be paid by check. Federal, state, and local taxes on all prizes are the sole responsibility of the winners. You will receive a 1099 for all monies over $600.00.

 30.   QUALIFYING CHAMPIONSHIP: Teams must have been represented in 4 out of 5 regularly held one day events, to be eligible to enter the Championship. All paid team entries will be credited qualifying event status, regardless whether actually fishing the event, provided entry was paid prior to the events pre-tournament entry deadline, assuring that the team’s entry fee is included in the days payout.

 31.   Any public announcement or written notice made by the Tournament Directors at the tournament site takes precedence over these written rules. By participating in this event, each person agrees that all decisions made by the Tournament Directors are final and not subject to legal challenge. All tax, title, and license expenses are the responsibility of each prize winner. Nothing in these rules supersedes your common sense actions and precautions for the safety of yourself, your partner, and others. Safety is your first priority.

32. One Staff boat will not pay entry fee. This boat will be eligible for all monies of place earned, however they will not be eligible for any drawing prizes or giveaways.